Dress for Success & Paradigm2Women Empower our Residents to be Professional

Dress for Success

Dress for Success Houston has been helping Houston women attain economic independence by providing professional attire, a network of support and career development tools to women in need since 1988. Saturday April 25th, a group of volunteers from Dress for Success Houston, led by Dorothy Prejean, a Project Manager for 2015’s Community Action Project: Paradigm2Women, helped residents from our treatment and transitional program find their style for success. “It was my honor and privilege to be a part of the planning and execution for the 2015 Community Action Project: ‘Paradigm2Women.’ The pleasure to work with the staff and women at The Women’s Home was very rewarding. I walked away with an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness for the success of the project.” Dorothy said.

The day began bright and early with residents coming in their professional best in outfits donated by Dress for Success the day before. A volunteer provided make-up and hair guidance before residents took professional photos suitable for job applications and business profiles. After photos, the residents were each given a personal introduction and the chance to walk the meeting room runway while volunteers read the residents’ bios to the group. After a brief overview and introduction of the day’s agenda, the residents participated in three educational panels on different subjects including how to re-enter the workforce with confidence, how to present your skills in an interview, and diversity in the workplace.

“The presentations were very informative and I took quite a bit of information from that entire day. Thank you so much for that wonderful opportunity it was greatly appreciated!” Sarah* one of our residents said about CAP day. After the workshops, residents were able to ask questions in a Q & A session. One of the event speakers, Mustafaa Carroll stated, “I was quite impressed by their focus on helping women to become employable, employed, and in effect rebuild their lives. Everything I witnessed from beginning to end was positive, and upbeat.”

The group broke for lunch along with an impromptu dance party before the day closed with a gift raffle and certificates for the days’ participants. The residents enjoyed the dedication of the volunteers and appreciated the information and consideration they received. “They served us and it just felt amazing that they wanted to do it for us. I appreciate each and every one of the volunteers.” Laura*, a resident said of her CAP day experience.

*In order to protect our residents from stigma, names have been changed.