Expressive Therapy: A Special Unlocking of Personal Creativity and Thought

creativity-oxygen-soulResidents participating in our Treatment program spend Tuesday mornings with many opportunities for expressive therapy.  Regular volunteers, Janet Vucinich and Joe Synan work with words and watercolors respectively to unlock creative expression and the voice of our residents.

Janet, an accomplished writer and teacher, coaxes the words through a variety of assignments, highlighted by her notes, here:

“Tuesday was incredible. The ladies did some really good writing after reading a poem by Marie Howe. I think they all shared and totally appreciated with loud clapping each of the writings.”  


“The women had a good time playing with paper and scissors; inspired by Matisse, they came up with great ideas from a card for a mother who passed away years ago to self- portraits, pictures of places they remember to just abstract design.  The room was full; twenty women today.”

Joe Synan has only recently come to serve the clients with his passion for watercolor paintings.  They are building quite an inventory and their confidence, as well.  Both instructors have spent years honing their craft and their ability to share with others.  Their inspiration is infectious.

But, the creativity doesn’t stop there!  This past week, Vivian Lewis, local artist and owner of My Picqasso, led an art workshop where each of the attendees created their own rendition of a dreamcatcher on canvas.  As the residents peered into their own canvas, they were able to create their own special piece.

Creative expression brings about healing and enables empowerment….all the while instilling joy and a sense of accomplishment!  We are grateful for the wonderful community volunteers that help make this possible.