Giving Back, Going Forward: Bryson’s Story

IMG_7452 - bwBryson Blair was welcomed into The Women’s Home in 2012 and immediately took to the structured, disciplined WholeLife® program. She appreciated how the WholeLife® approach addressed her underlying issues, and didn’t focus solely on her alcohol addiction. Bryson was able to find role models and understanding friends in her new community. She also learned why drinking had taken such a firm grip on her life. She was treated as an individual with her own needs, and soon her road to recovery felt sure.

“My disease no longer defines who I am,” Bryson says of her chronic alcoholism. “I have learned to find self-confidence, and I have left behind debilitating insecurities and self-image issues that kept me down.” Today Bryson lives in a house she shares with her fiancé, and they are getting married in October of this year. She enjoys her daily run: exercise makes her stronger and healthier. Bryson works in a coveted retail position with a national employer—a position she earned not only with her skills, but also through her candid honesty about her journey to recovery in her interview. Her job is exciting and demanding, and Bryson’s journey of recovery keeps her grounded.
Bryson is proudest of the time she spends “giving back.” She tells her story to groups and on various television appearances with TWH staff, and she volunteers with current residents of The Home. This work reminds her where she’s been, where she is today, and where she’s going.

Congratulations for all of your successes, Bryson! The Women’s Home applauds you for your strength and honesty; you truly embody what it means to live a whole life. May you continue to inspire other women on their journey to empowerment!