Going Bold!

mechelle tran katie couric
Mechelle Tran (R) with Katie Couric


About a year ago, Mechelle Tran was introduced to The Women’s Home.  Not long after, she jumped in with both feet and made a huge difference within her network!

Asked to help make our 2016 Crawfish Boil successful, she decided to tap into vendors that supplied her family business.  Pho Saigon, a long- standing favorite of Midtown folks in the know, is Mechelle’s family business.  Since 1998, they have been serving steaming bowls of pho to thousands each month.  So it was a natural for Mechelle to go to their seafood provider, Marine Foods Express to help pay the crawfish bill!  And they did, becoming our Crawfish Bib sponsor….talk about keeping the event clean and fresh!


Their participation will go a long way to covering the cost of the 2400 pounds of crawfish needed for our event.  Mechelle has also reached out to several other restaurants for trays of food to satisfy our guests at the event’s VIP kickoff next week. Mechelle said she found it easy to ask for money to help our residents, because in working as a volunteer at The Cottage Shop she has seen first-hand where the funds end up and how vital they are to our mission!  Thanks Mechelle, for going bold for The Home.