Looking for Shop Support

b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC05767The Cottage Shop has racks of exciting new merchandise–with more needing sorting!

Frequent shoppers at The Cottage Shop will notice that we’ve been receiving lots of new merchandise, and we always appreciate support in getting things sorted from inside the door to go out on the floor! We’ve had an influx of donations from generous boutiques and need help getting donated items processed and ready for our customers.

Recent volunteer groups have been doing their part to get things moving. On September 24, the Women’s Team Member Network at Wells Fargo visited The Women’s Home to learn more about the work we do and to volunteer. Manager of Volunteer Service Chris Hammond spoke to the group about volunteer opportunities before giving the floor to Board Member Mary Arnold. Finally, Wells Fargo Volunteers heard from one of our residents, who shared the impact The Women’s Home has had on her life. They then headed over to The Cottage Shop to help process and sort incoming merchandise and help prepare materials for the Re:Entry Summit The Home held on Wednesday, September 30.

Aetna, who volunteered in the Cottage Shop on  September 19, came back October 3. Groups like Wells Fargo and Aetna aren’t alone. In the past month, we’ve had volunteers from:

 Episcopal High School

Five Stars

Methodist Hospital

Exxon Mobil

In the coming weeks, we’re excited to already have several groups scheduled including:

Double Tree Hotel


Southern Methodist University

University of Houston Social Work Club

University of Houston’s Metropolitan Volunteer Program

If you or your office, social group, or faith community are looking for opportunities to get involved with The Home and would like to learn more about volunteering, please contact us at volunteer@thewomenshome.org.