Moving Out to Moving Up: Laura’s Story

_DSC0069Laura came to The Women’s Home after escaping an incredibly abusive eight year relationship.

She left, when she could not take it anymore, leaving with a tiny overnight bag and no money.

Laura found refuge at a small community hospital when her “angel”, a receptionist at the entry desk, saw her outward wounds and found a shelter for her to find safety. On the first day at her temporary residence, another client told her of The Women’s Home. She knew then, she had found a way to mend her broken life.

Her abuser had virtually controlled her every decision:  isolated her, stripped her dignity – because, you see, she was vulnerable. For her entire life, Laura had never had someone care for her and make her home a safe place to live. She dealt with homelessness and the foster care system as a child. She watched both of her brothers die, often the caretaker for their needs. Laura saw addiction and alcoholism take their toll on her parents and step-parents. She was the victim of sexual violence.

As a teen, Laura rebelled. She ran away from home and was truant from school. In her twenties, she grew quiet and accepted what she thought was her fate.

During her time at The Women’s Home, Laura found hope again. She set goals. When asked what made the difference, she was quick to say: “It was the counseling. They asked me to write letters to release all the pain inflicted on me. I learned to forgive, and I forgave myself.”

While at The Women’s Home, Laura’s vocational counselors assisted her with the confidence to interview and begin a job as an early morning baker at Einstein’s Bagel. Two years later, she is the preferred candidate for their general manager position.