Reaching Out to the Community

Terrace March 15

A card made by one of our Jane Cizik Garden Place residents

Terrace United Methodist Church is an outreach driven congregation in the Spring Branch community. The members of the church have faithfully volunteered with Jane Cizik Garden place since the complex opened its doors in 2010. A group of volunteers organized by Associate Pastor Tammy Heinrich have made the residents at Jane Cizik Garden Place a part of their community of caring by hosting a monthly ladies’ night for residents. This volunteer work provides a meaningful outreach of faith for all involved.

The Ladies’ Nights, which rotate through a variety of activities each month, provide attendees the chance to take time out of their week to relax and have fun in the company of friends. The events include things like spa night, where residents can get their nails done or enjoy a facial, game night where everyone enjoys snacks while playing, and craft night where volunteers provide instructions and supplies for making a seasonal project. The five person volunteer team work together to plan the events and on average a group of ten Jane Cizik Garden Place residents come each month.

Tammy recruited volunteers for the group after hearing about the plans for Jane Cizik Garden Place from Santa Maria Hostel, a Spring Branch area addiction treatment facility for women. Tammy was already familiar with The Women’s Home from Terrace working with Santa Maria, whose clients sometimes transfer to our treatment and transitional housing program. Tammy gathered like-minded volunteers who wanted to reach out and provide a supportive fun space for our residents. After Tammy helped get the group started, the five volunteers who run Jane Cizik Garden Places’ ladies night now organize themselves.

The volunteers get as much from the Ladies’ nights as our residents. One volunteer, who puts her creative skills to use planning the craft nights, reported to Tammy that she has “developed a relationship with the residents and feels connected with them, she loves seeing the residents laugh, enjoy themselves and relax just walking in.”

While Ladies Night is the main service Terrace provides our residents, they also offer a Sunday shuttle to church services for anyone without transportation who would like to attend. Additionally the congregation is hosting a Lifeskills Retreat on March 28th for women looking for advice on dressing for success, job interview skills, and pursuing education. The planning and dedication of organizations like Terrace United Methodist Church enrich the lives of our residents and connects Jane Cizik Garden Place with the Spring Branch community.