Strength did not come overnight: Deshon’s Story

TWH_ 217 9A - lower resThe strength she needed did not come overnight.

For many years, Deshon soothed the emotional pain of her traumatic childhood with destructive habits and addictions.  She needed time and a safe place to deal with the traumas of her past.  She found The Women’s Home.

Upon arriving at The Women’s Home, Deshon tried desperately to prove that she was the model resident.  She eagerly attended each class, participated in therapy sessions, completed assignments, and did her best to present herself as a confident woman full of hope. As the weeks passed, Deshon believed she was adequately equipped to begin searching for a job.

Re-entering the workforce was more difficult than Deshon had ever imagined. Her efforts to find a job were constantly met with rejection. Overwhelmed by disappointment, she finally surrendered and shared her fears with her counselor.

Some would say that act of surrender was a divine moment. By being completely vulnerable with her counselor, Deshon found the support she needed to change. She began to acquire new tools to control her emotions and soothe herself. After years of self destruction, Deshon finally recognized her own worth and her potential to create a life of balance and meaning.

Not long after, Deshon began a new temporary job assignment. She built a reputation as a productive employee and secured a permanent position and eventually received a promotion with recognition from her supervisor.

At home, Deshon turned to writing and choreography as a way to express the tumult of her past.  Through it, she found a release and connection to others.  Her life now reflected a spiritual awakening that afforded new possibilities.

All along the way, The Women’s Home was there to offer Deshon the care and healing environment that she needed.  Like the many others before her, there was no “quick fix” to her damaged life.  It was instead a process of establishing wellness and a balanced lifestyle based on the principals of The Home’s WholeLife model.