Thank you for Having Faith in The Home

Congregations Hands

In this season of giving and gratitude, The Women’s Home appreciates the generosity of our supporters throughout the community. When the weather is gray and the winter rains come upon us, being remembered and included brings much needed warmth. This year several congregations have made The Women’s Home a part of their 2015 and 2016 beneficiaries and we wish to express our gratitude. We appreciate the support and faith in our mission and operations.

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church’s mission of outreach is dedicated to modeling the love of Christ through supporting the disadvantaged and underserved through volunteer service and philanthropy. St. Martin’s has supported The Home since 1998 and this year awarded $14,544 in support of our Treatment and Transitional Housing Program’s operations. Director of Outreach Ministries, Cyd Gillette said “St. Martin’s Episcopal Church is grateful for our partnership with The Women’s Home. Working together, our parishioners’ time, talent and treasurers and The Women’s Home staff provide many women a stable home and productive whole lives.” We appreciate St. Martin’s long-standing support of The Home and our operations.

The Women’s Home is one of Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church’s nearly 100 local mission partners, who the church supports as a part of their local outreach. This extensive network of community philanthropy is the execution of the third element of the church’s mission statement: Living Generously, which cultivates a culture of giving. Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church has supported the Women’s Home for nearly 15 years and this year donated $13,000 to The Home to support our single bedroom supportive housing community, Jane Cizik Garden Place. While the majority of Jane Cizik Garden Place’s operation costs are covered by residents’ rent, staff salaries are funded through donations. The support of communities like Memorial Drive Presbyterian’s makes a phenomenal impact on our operations at Jane Cizik Garden Place.

Emerson Unitarian Universalist Church’s operations are supported by the congregation members and friends, allowing them to create Share the Plate. Emerson’s Share the Plate program selects one charity each year to receive 25% of each month’s collections, in 2016 this 25% will go to Meals on Wheels. The remaining 75% of the monthly collection goes to a different charity each month. The Women’s Home is honored to be Emerson’s April 2016 Share the Plate recipient. The Women’s Home 2015 President Elect and member of Emerson’s Congregation Karen George says “I am delighted that The Women’s Home was selected for Share the Plate in April 2016.  The work of The Women’s Home puts into action through its WholeLife® program several of the principles of the Unitarian Universalist faith – affirming the inherent worth and dignity of every person and promoting justice, equity and compassion in human relations.”

This past November, Memorial Drive United Methodist Church invited The Home’s Manager of Volunteer Services, Chris Hammond, and Cottage Shop Manager, Cheri Barton to speak at their Candlelight Dinner. Cheri is a member of the church’s congregation and was invited to speak by the Director of Singles’ Ministry & Caring Support Ministries, Sheri Kelley after speaking about The Home’s Work. The Candlelight Dinner was a Thanksgiving Event for the singles congregation and attendees were eager to hear about ways to volunteer and donate to The Women’s Home. We look forward to having this new congregation join The Home’s circle of friends.

Pines Presbyterian has supported The Home for nearly 20 years, inviting our directors to speak during their services as a part of their Minute for Mission, where community nonprofits have the opportunity to share their causes. Volunteer groups from Pines Presbyterian have also worked with The Home for a number of years providing much needed support. We appreciate Pine Presbyterian’s long history of supporting The Women’s Home.

Canvas Church Houston is a Montrose congregation founded a few years ago when a group of five friends began envisioning what a new church in Montrose would look like. Canvas created a faith community that focuses on creativity and self-expression as a path to God, while embodying the diversity of Montrose. They’ve brought that passion to The Women’s Home through their volunteer work, both in their monthly volunteering at The Cottage Shop, hosting fundraisers and donation drives, and in leading art instruction projects for our residents. We appreciate Canvas’s generous and creative support of our operations and residents.

St. Philip Presbyterian Church, is another congregation that has supported The Home for nearly two decades. St. Philip is the church home of longtime volunteer and The Women’s Home 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Janet Davis. Janet along with her husband Don, have organized and delivered St. Philip’s monthly donation drives for years. They are also responsible for organizing and delivering Easter boxes every spring as gifts for our residents. In addition to being a dedicated volunteer base for The Home, St. Philip also offers financial support. The Women’s Home is grateful to have such long standing dedicated support from St. Philip Presbyterian Church.

Unity Church of Houston welcomes all faiths in their congregation, placing an emphasis on community and connection. Senior Associate Minister and Choir Director, Reverend Michael Gott was honored alongside his husband, SoK Salon owner, Alden Clark as one of our 2015 WholeLife Luncheon award winners for their support of The Home and our mission. Unity also invited our treatment and transitional housing residents to attend their Blue Christmas service, which is dedicated to giving room for those experiencing hardship during the holiday season to be where they are. We thank Unity for making our residents a part of their community in a time where togetherness is important.