The Women’s Home on Elaine Turner’s Big Ideas

Houston’s handbag queen and owner of Elaine Turner Designs, Elaine Turner featured The Women’s Home in the latest episode of her online reality show, Elaine’s Big Ideas.

Elaine and her stylist team, with the help of SoK Owner and The Women’s Home Board Member, Alden Clark helped one of our residents, Mary, boost her confidence as she prepared to start on her job search.

Thank you to Mary for having the courage to share her story and to Alden, Elaine, and all of her team for their heartfelt work.

Watch the episode right now:

Premiering the episode on her website, Elaine wrote to viewers:

I’m so excited to share with you this inspiring, New Year EBI episode, A New Year, A New You: A Transformation of heart, mind and soul.

 I feel so blessed to have worked with The Women’s Home over the past year.  I was inspired to get even more involved and engage in a firsthand experience of working with one of their incredible clients, Mary Burgess. Mary is a 42 year old, beautiful woman who has been struggling with abuse, mental illness and addiction for most of her adult life. She was on the brink of going to prison and an opportunity to enter into a comprehensive, whole life recovery program presented itself to her by The Women’s home. Well, the rest is history and Mary is a living testament to the power of transformation. Mary discovered the strength to change her self-destructive path through the support of The Women’s Home and in her belief that there was a better future for herself. Ultimately, Mary made a conscious choice to change the trajectory of her life. She discovered that eternal, perfect self that is so often buried beneath years of shame, guilt and hardship- inspiring!

 My intent on creating this episode was to engage in an intimate one on one interaction with Mary, and to educate and inspire her on the role fashion can play on her self-improvement journey. My belief is when you boil it all down, fashion is simply a vehicle toward self-care, self-discovery and self-expression. Fashion is an enhancer. It has the power to enhance what’s already there. My passion is empowering women. I want to free them from the confines of what an industry (fashion/beauty) might perceive as beautiful and to destroy the barriers fashion so often creates-  fear-induced, never good enough language, shame driven body imagery etc… These are just a couple of themes we must redefine. Ultimately, my hope is to redefine fashion one woman at a time. 

 I am a firm believer that the work The Women’s Home provides is an essential part of not only our local community’s success, but ultimately the work we do right here in Houston impacts women across the world. To the say the least, it’s in all of our best interest to protect, encourage and support women. Liya Kebede said it so perfectly, “To invest in one woman’s recovery, is investing in human rights, future generations and our own long term national interests”  

So please join me on this journey of transformation, compassion, hope and understanding.