This Crawfish Season Support Physical Wellness

Crawfish Toiletry Flyer 15

Access to basic hygiene and body maintenance products is a fundamental part of maintaining good physical health that people often take for granted. The high costs of even basic hygiene products like deodorant and shampoo as well as the lack of available facilities to practice a hygiene routine while homeless means many of our residents come to The Women’s Home after long periods of neglect.  Supplying our residents the means to care for and restore their physical wellbeing and appearance is an important part of enabling them to rebuild their self-confidence and happiness. This means not only supplying basic hygiene products and over the counter medicines but also fitness clothing and equipment like shoes, joint braces, exercise videos and pedometers. An important need for many of our residents of color that we appreciate help acquiring is hair treatment products such as conditioning hair oils and hair relaxers.

This year’s Crawfish Boil season has broken records in terms of sponsorship and attendance and we want to use this good energy to bolster our resident’s physical health. We ask your help in supporting our residents’ physical wellness needs, a donation of just ten dollars can help us supply physical health products for our residents. Donors who wish to drop off items can bring them to our administrative office at 607 Westheimer Road from now until March 28. Crawfish Boil guests can bring cash or item donations to West Alabama Ice House the day of the Crawfish Boil. We’ve collected a list of needed products with suggested brand names for donors who wish to bring in items, or want to start a drive at work or with an organization they’re active with.