Welcome our New Director of Programs and Training Katherine Broussard-Barner

Katherine B

Katherine, our new Director of Programs and Training, seated in her new office

The Women’s Home is excited to introduce Katherine Broussard-Barner as our new Director of Programs and Training. In her new position, Katherine will oversee and lead our clinical, vocational and residential staff to ensure that our WholeLife® Program provides the best treatment possible to our residents. The staff at Jane Cizik Garden Place also work under her supervision. As the Director of Programs and Training, Katherine’s job is not only to make sure our programs are giving our clients optimal service, but also that our staff have the resources they need.

Katherine has a long work history in mental health before joining The Women’s Home. Her career began when her mother’s practical advice to find work that put her psychology degree to good use led her to a case manager position. This pragmatic beginning kindled a passionate dedication to helping those struggling with severe mental illness and addiction recover independence and dignity. The most rewarding moments in Katherine’s over 20 year long career in mental health come from watching her clients recover and “seeing them live independently, seeing them live with their illness without it controlling them.”

The Home’s work and mission appealed to Katherine both for our focus on women, whose unique challenges in facing homelessness, addiction, and mental illness are often underserved, and our WholeLife Program, which focuses on treating all aspects of a person, not only their illnesses, giving our residents greater opportunity for long term recovery and health. “You can’t focus only on treating a person’s addiction or mental illness and neglect the outside parts of their life that are crumbling.” Katherine also has a passion for advocacy work, for helping people understand that addiction and mental illnesses are diseases and those living with them are just as deserving of treatment and compassion as anyone facing a less stigmatized illness.

Katherine is happy to join the staff of The Women’s Home and looking forward to getting her footing in her position. “Everyone’s been very welcoming and I’m excited about the challenges moving forward and putting together programs that will enhance an already solid foundation.”