Our Impact

Fast Facts & Highlights From 2017

  • The Women’s Home served 518 clients through all our programs.

120 clients were served through our residential treatment programs.

100 residents were supported at Jane Cizik Garden Place.

145 families (or 298 individuals) were supported at Adele and Ber Pieper Family Place

  • 76% of the women who stayed six months or longer left with permanent housing. An additional 9% percent went on to utilize supportive sober housing.
  • 73% of our supportive treatment and transitional clients who stayed six months or longer left the program with income. Our clients found employment at an average hourly wage of $12.56 per hour.
  • 86% of the tenants at Jane Cizik Garden Place had lived there for more than a year, compared to the national retention rate of 60%.
Client Stories: Building Whole Lives

Suzanne’s Story

When I arrived at The Women’s Home, I was asked why I wanted to be there. My answer was that I didn’t want to die. Little did I know that not only was I going to live, but I was going to live a life of joy and abundance. At The Women’s Home, I learned how to set goals and live a life of purpose. First, with the help of my case worker, and then, I was able to accomplish this on my own. I was able to do things like set up well-women’s visits and mammograms, get my social security card, and obtain a driver license’s and gold card. These were the start of my goals, and it made me feel good about myself to accomplish these tasks and then set new goals for myself. Read more

Paying It Forward: Arlene’s Story

My doctor prescribed Vicodin to me following major surgery. Neither of us knew those pills would consume my every waking moment…now, I really love my life. I have less money than I have ever had before, but I am happy. The networking skills I gained helped me discover a new position working as an assistant to an addiction specialist at The Park at Memorial Hermann. My goal is to use the skills I have gained and become a recovery coach one day. This dream to “pay it forward”…Read more

Lifted by Her Father’s Love: Deborah’s Story

Deborah hid in the misery of her situation until years later when her father’s continued belief and the expertise of a Houston Police Officer from the Mental Health Crisis Unit finally broke through the haze of despair. The Officer convinced Deborah that it was time for her to require more of her life. It was time to once again believe, to stand strong and to heal. Deborah agreed to try once more, and left for treatment with just the clothes on her back. Read more

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